8 Web Design Questions to Ask a Web Design Company

Having the right web design company can make or break your online presence. You want to make sure you work with a company that delivers a website that represents your business and can help it grow.

That’s why, when searching for a company that fits your needs, knowing the right web design questions to ask is so important!

But what kinds of questions should you be asking? And what sort of things should you look for in a web design company?

To cut the confusion, let’s look at 8 questions you should be asking your next web design company.

1. What Services Do You Offer?

Some website designers only offer basic website building services. Others will be all-inclusive in their services, offering a complete digital marketing experience.

Having a design company that can be hands-on in all your digital marketing needs is ideal. Many can host your website, help with all the copywriting and social media management, and boost your SEO.

And if you go with an all-inclusive company, make sure they know their stuff. Just because they offer a service doesn’t mean they know how to deliver. That’s why asking questions is so important.

2. How Much Input Do I Get on My Website Design?

Your business website is an online representation of you. So, having a website design company who listens to what you want, and not run with what they think you should have, is key.

During the initial consultation, the designer should ask you a bunch of questions about your business and what you want. Make sure they know the tone and style you want to represent.

But also make sure to listen to their suggestions as well. They may have an idea that you never thought of. It should be a collaboration, but with you at the driving wheel.

3. Do You Make Custom Websites or Use Pre-Made Templates?

Most website designers will offer both. But you’ll want to make sure the designer you choose offers the one that works best for you.

Custom websites are for those who will have a strong online presence. They want a unique “made-for-you” website design that no one else will have.

While it will still have the same overall layout as anyone who chooses the same template, you can customize a pre-made template to your business. It’s great for those who won’t have a strong online presence. Or, because it’s the cheaper alternative, for those looking to save money.

4. Do You Have a Portfolio of Previous Work I Can See?

You don’t go buying a car without checking it out first. So why would you hire a designer without looking at their previous work beforehand?

Ask to see examples of their portfolio. Look at how well the design matches the brand of the company. Check out how well the site performs and how easy it is to navigate.

And be sure to ask questions. For example, if a site looks odd or very plain, don’t assume it’s because the designer didn’t deliver. Maybe that’s what the client requested, so be sure to find out!

5. Can You Show Results Your Web Design Has Received for past Customers?

Of course, you want your website to look good. But you also want your site to deliver on increased business.

That’s why it’s always a good idea to ask for case studies on their previous jobs. You’ll want to see data on the percentage of increased sales. The spike in leads created by the new website. Or the increased conversion rate it’s brought in over a certain time frame.

You want a website that will deliver a return on your investment and boost your business.

6. How Will You Help Me Generate Revenue from My Website?

A good website designer will have proven strategies they use to help generate revenue for their clients.

This could be in the call to actions they place on a website. Or how they set up a featured products section on a web page. Or how they display your business’s contact information and location.

Discuss your business goals with them and see what they typically do to help promote that within their designs. You want to make sure your goals line up with their design ideas.

7. Will You Review My Current Website and Analyze It Before Making Design Decisions?

If you already have a website, you might only need small tweaks here and there to get you to the best performance. That can save you time and money.

Ask if the design company will analyze your current website before building a whole new one from scratch. They can look at your metrics to see where your strengths and weaknesses may be.

Maybe all you need is some strategically placed calls to action or the right images. It’s amazing how some “small” changes can turn a dead page into conversions.

8. What Happens If I Don’t Like the Finished Product?

Being happy with your final website design is the ultimate goal. That’s why you want to make sure the design company you choose have the steps in place to get you there.

Some companies will offer unlimited changes, while others have more restrictions. There’s also sign off’s on each project element you can have to ensure you’re happy along the way.

Talk to the designers and see what their policy is. Be sure you’re comfortable with their process and will end up with a product you can be proud of.

Asking the Right Web Design Questions Will Give You Results

Going into any business situation blindly could result in lost time and money. But when you know what web design questions to ask when choosing your web design company, you can go into it with confidence and know you’re going to end up with a high-quality product.

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